About me

My name is Vassilis Ardamis and I am not an ordinary man!

I was born in 1982 and since the age of 23, I’ve been “addicted” to a number of extreme sports, such as skydiving, downhill, scuba diving, enduro, snowboard, speedfly, etc.

The need to capture every second and the pleasure I get from all these sports made me acquire my first photo camera.

Of course with it, I started shooting all kinds of sports, even the ones that I didn’t have the chance to practice myself, so very naturally photography became a big passion of mine, which was put into effect through the creation of my company under the title TheXtremePhotos.

While I adore extreme sports and I’m keen on trying new ones, I enjoy even more “freezing” the moment. I take pleasure showing through my own lenses everything that gives me strength.